2010 Crias

"S & S William Grant"   Alpaca Male,  Born June 8, 2010

Sire:  Jericho
Dam:  Suriland Leila Rose

What a doll this little guy is!  Born at 10am, he was up and nursing 45 minutes later.  Birth weight = 16 lb.  It was a text book delivery.  Way to go Leila!

"S & S Glenfarclas"   Male Alpaca   Born June 25, 2010
Sire:  Jericho
Dam:  Gallitzin

birth weight: 19 lbs.  

How very pleased we are.  This little guy has what it takes.  He's already locking in nicely with true black suri fleece his national champion parents are so very well known for.

"S & S Old Forester"   Male Llama   Born July 6, 2010
Sire:  CNS Blackout
Dam: VVA My Fair Lady

birth weight:  20 lbs

Quite a sweet pea.  Ears that go forever, just like his momma. 

"S & S 4 Roses"    Female Llama   Born June 22, 2010
Sire:  CNS Blackout
Dam: VVA Keisha

birth weight:  20 lbs

What can we say?   This gal has it all.  There's never a pose in the field where she doesn't look fabulous!  We are so excited to see the results of breeding Keisha, a multi champ gal with our ROM herdsire Blackout.   "Rosie" looks ready for the show ring even as a baby.   This gal has attitude!